Program Offer:

The Orchestra of Ján Berky Mrenica – Devil’s Violin

Members of the orchestra:
First Violin: Ján Berky Mrenica jr
Violin: Jozef Berky, Štefan Bertók
Viola: Peter Koza, Milan Hronček
Contrabas: Tomáš Gašpierik
Cymbal: Mykhaylo Zakhariya

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Orchestera of Ján Berky Mrenica

Diabolské Husle ( Devil’s Violin) is a term that has been and still is the best in folk culture and folklore interpretation in Slovakia for several decades. Thanks to the unique musical but also dramaturgically unusual elements, the performances are always a pleasant surprise for a wide audience and critic.

About the orchestra

Orchestra performed almost all over the world – USA, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Mexico, from the Europe it is Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom… From the significant concert venues on which orchestra performed we can mention: Komische Oper – Berlin, Konzerthaus – Berlin, Royal Opera House – London, Hans Max Saal – Munchen, Smetanova síň – Prague, Konzert und Kongressaal – Luzern, Concert Hall – Melbourne.



Concerts in cooperation with unique musical but also dramaturgic unusual components in the artistic way were always very pleasant surprise for the wide range of audience and critic. Orchestra cooperates with the top of the Slovak pop and jazz music scene – J. Burian, J. Tatar, M. Gašpar, M. Buntaj, M. Valihora, L. Bíla , P. Cmorík, V. Redl, S. L. Sklovská, M. Babjak, J. Babjak, J .Fogašova, J. Bernátová, O. Šaling, M. Doboš, J. Orlická, A. Zimayiová.

program offer


Melodies of the heart

The Ján Berky Mrenica Orchestra Program consists of famous classical artists such as Brahms, Khachaturian, Lara, Piazzolla, and folklore around the world, especially Slovak.
The repertoire includes, for example, Hungarian dancing, Sabbath dance, Big Blonde with Black Shoes, A.Piazolla-Oblivion, Monti Čardáš and many others.
The folklore part was composed by Ján Berky Mrenica elder.
As a guest on request – soloist, singer Janka Orlicka and her version of the songs from the genre – Chanson, Jazz, Folklore from all over the world to Roma songs.


Lady in black

The arrangements of the world’s musical Roma cultures are combined with the singing of the Chanson and Jazz Slovak diva, which has been active for many years in France – Jana Orlicka. It is the show of a world music tour of Greece, Turkey, Balkans, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, France, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, and Slovakia.
Jana Orlicka, a dynamic stylistic and singer faithful to the genre, more known abroad than at home, has fascinated, by its persuasive performances, not only stars of the jazz scene but even in the origin of the chanson itself in France. She performs the interpretation of Roma songs of different cultural origins and, at the same time, approaching the native audience with the world’s Roma song, which she interprets stunningly and sensitively with the original texts.


The Orchestra of Ján Berky Mrenica & Martin Babjak

An attractive program of different genres ranging from the opera, musical to popular folk songs.
This collaboration has long a long history and always a offers high-quality performance of many music industries, as evidenced by CD – Folklorika (2000), and many concerts or television sessions.


The Orchestra of Ján Berky Mrenica and Gypsy Kings Revival

The combination of lively songs of the famous Gypsy Kings, well-known Roma songs, and virtuoso folklore songs. It’s a program that contains great dance songs that entertain a wide range of audiences.

Lucie Bíla and Grand Devil’s Violin

The feature-length concert with the fantastic Czech singer Lucia Bílá is a guarantee of good music, art, and mood.
The spirited songs of Lucia Bílá along with the virtuoso performance of the Grand Orchestra of the Devil’s Violin, are a great choice for a wide audience that expects a unique experience.

Orchester Jána Berkyho Mrenicu & Jozef Merstein Jochymzcik ( PL),

The Orchestra of Ján Berky Mrenica & Jozef Merstein Jochymzcik ( PL)

The inspirational concert, full of emotions, dazzled by the ripples of the excellent artistic performances of the members of Ján Berky Mrenica Orchestra – Devil’s Violin.

This is a cross-border cooperation program between the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic. It is distinctive that the Sinti Roma from Poland will perform at the concert stage.

What can you enjoy?

The introduction of Romani music in a new arrangement that combines the musical experience of the Roma from Poland – traditional Roma music with the influences of Sinti Jazz and from Slovakia, Roma compositions with elements of Hungarian and Balkan music.